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Jess & Andy

41+4. Went to hospital at 1pm on Thursday to start the advised booked in induction process, however By 4pm (and still at the hospital) my amazing body and baby kickstarted on its own! Surges had begun. I was able to manage pain and remembered my surge breathing techniques learnt and Andy was incredible with soft touch and acupressure skills learnt in the course. We headed home from hospital to continue active labour at home for 6 and half hours. I was so grateful for the hypno tracks and it was so nice to have this time at home to let things progress. The dog was very intrigued!
By 10:30pm it was time to head into birthing. An hour and a half later he was born! No time for even the water birth that I had planned, although Andy had filled and decorated the bath in candles (what a man! 😜)
Andy was such an amazing birth partner and advocate which allowed me to focus on my hypnobirth techniques and manage the pain on my own without intervention. This amazed me so much, as my biggest fear going into this birthing journey was the pain, and if I’d be able to cope! But I did! I was so proud of my mind, body and Andy for keeping me focused!
My body and baby knew when it was time to breathe and bare down. However the midwives and doctors were incredible at coaching me through the final stage too to prevent any tearing.
After approx an hour and a half at the hospital, Obi Jack Hoffman was born.
It’s so amazing what your body and baby can do, and no matter your preferences, process or story, it’s all so magical. I look forward to child birth again, and feel confident to try next time at home in the bath.
A huge thanks to Kas and the Hypnobirthing course. We couldn’t have managed a birth like this with out the valuable tools acquired and learnt in this course. We had full knowledge and power going into our birth and had such a wonderful and positive experience.
♡ Thank you Jess & Andy for sharing your positive birth story with us! Together we can reshape the paradigm of birth and create positive beliefs in women’s bodies for future Mumma’s ♡
🙏🏼 Blessings, Kas
Jess Birth Story


Hi Kas, just wanted to let you know we had a beautiful boy yesterday morning at 8.35am safely at home. Active labour kicked off around 8.30pm Monday so not long after I got home from pregnancy yoga. I think it was so important for me to go into early labour, remembering all those breathing techniques and positions. It was a tough labour in the end but we got through it. Both healthy, and the recovery within hours/one day has been unbelievable. He is such a content baby too. Thankyou for all your wonderful teachings in yoga and Hypnobirthing. It truly helped us achieve the perfect birth for our last baby.


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Hi Kassie!

I just wanted to shoot you an email to let you know that Sam and I welcomed our little miss Theo Sage Warner into the world on Saturday 18th June at 8:52 pm (her actual “due date”).

Hypnobirthing helped me relax and breathe through each surge at home until I arrived at the hospital (after waiting an extra 2 1/2 hours as they had no room for us – busy night for babies plus Sam unfortunately had Covid as well) and found I was 4 cms dilated. A combination of techniques over 9 hours with Hypnobirthing then got me to 8-9 cms before instinct took over and I did what I needed in that moment. 36 hours after the very first surge, Theo was born 💕

Thank you for giving us the tools to welcome our beautiful warrior into the world!


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Our Hypnobirthing course with Kas turned out to be the best money we spent during pregnancy.

We contacted Kas around 20 weeks and started our course with four other couples. After the first session we both felt empowered and excited about a calm, controlled and intervention free birth. We loved how Hypnobirthing explained the Mother and Father’s roles in birthing and taught us how to effectively work as a team. 

Our views on labour completely changed over the four week course and I decided to embrace preparing for labour by using the course materials including meditation, affirmations and watching Hypnobirthing videos. I also attended pregnancy yoga with Kas which was an absolute treat.

As labour got closer I used the tools that Hypnobirthing gave us to bring on labour – I ate dates, used clary sage and went to acupuncture. We practiced creating our labour space and spoke about our birth preferences. 

At 38 weeks I went into labour – I used the breathing and meditation techniques that Kas had taught us and I trusted that my body could do the job!

We stayed at home for most of my labour and then gave birth in hospital after a short few hours. We had an intervention free, beautiful experience that we both credit to Hypnobirthing (and some luck). We used the template birth plan from the course which our midwife was happy to work with. This gave our midwife a clear idea of what we wanted, and she helped us to achieve our ideal birth. 

Having a great labour meant post partum healing was easy and natural. We could get on with parenthood and really enjoy the first weeks with our little boy. 

We are so happy to recommend Kas to help with preparation for labour, managing pregnancy and staying zen. We also made some great friends during the course!
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After giving birth for the second time I can honestly say how grateful I was to do the hypnobirthing course with Kassie. 

Initially, after loosing my cousin in a very rare birthing tragedy, the thought of birthing was one of my biggest fears. After my first hypnobirthing class Kassie had me feeling excited about giving birth, very well educated and calm in understanding that the negative experiences of another did not have to become my own. The course allowed me to trust my instincts and prepare for what was to come. 

Not only did I use these incredible tools for my first birth but I felt as though I could improve on them for my second. 

The course is also structured to help guide your partner, which is a crucial element of birthing. My husband was confidently able to assist and understand what I may go through. It helped us become a team and it wasn’t just me having to prepare for the birth on my own. We came into the birth together and we were going to come out at the end together holding our precious child. 

I can honestly say I feel honoured to have taken part in such a course as it enabled me to have two drug free births and be in the moment every breathe of the way. 

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My husband and I completed the hypnobirthing course with Kassie in preparation for the arrival of our baby in October 2017. 

Though both of us work in the health and medical field I wanted to explore alternative methods to assist us in managing the birth of our baby in a positive, calm and relaxed manner, while feeling in control of my body and mind without the need for pain relief and unnecessary medical intervention.

My regular yoga practice (including pregnancy yoga with Kassie) had taught me to listen to my body and breath and I wanted to bring this practice with me into my birth. 

I used the hypnobirthing techniques extensively throughout my birth including the breathing, affirmations and visualisations, with my husband taking on his role as my support person in full confidence. With these tools and my husband’s support, I was able to remain calm, relaxed and accepting of the journey my birth took.

Unfortunately, despite my best (and extensive!) efforts I required an emergency caesarean section in order to birth my baby. Whilst this was not in my ‘plan’ I credit hypnobirthing for my ability to reflect on my birth as an incredibly positive experience for both my husband and I. We faced the birth of our beautiful daughter Quinn as a team and I cannot thank Kassie enough for her teaching and support in preparation of the big day.  


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Kassie has been a great support for me with the birth of my first baby. I attended her pregnancy yoga, completed Hypnobirthing Australia course with her and now attend her mums and bubs yoga.

I would recommend Hypnobirthing to any first-time mum. Learning your options from a different perspective other than just the hospital system is crucial so that you can make your own well-informed decisions on how you birth.

There are SO many decisions to make both leading up to your birth and after, Hypnobirthing put me in contact with other like-minded mums both in person and online where I could chat freely about issues not often covered in traditional antenatal classes.

Thank you Kassie for facilitating a welcoming learning environment and helping us to confidently welcome the birth of our baby girl.

Sam with Bloss


Kassie and the hypnobirthing classes gave myself and my husband insight into birthing and what to expect. I went from fearing child birth to being amazed at my body and what it was capable of achieving. It gave us strategies to help us both remain calm no matter what turn our birthing took.

Kassie’s prenatal yoga classes were also vital to my birth experiences. I had never done yoga before and Kassie was so welcoming. I used breathing techniques taught in the yoga class throughout my births. It was also great to take timeout weekly and attend yoga to appreciate my body and my growing baby.

I used the tools taught in hypnobirthing and yoga to birth my babies without intervention- Something that I would of thought was impossible before I had met Kassie. My first birth was a calm 8 hours and my big 9.2lb son arrived in the amniotic sac. My second birth was an even calmer 5 hours in the water and my daughter arrived in the arms of husband. I’m the type of person who takes panadol for a paper cut and to birth my babies without drugs was a proud moment for me!

I would highly recommend Kassie and her classes. A truly worthwhile investment for yourself and family.


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I got called to the hospital on Thursday 14th July after my last growth scan was performed on the Monday that same week. The Dr advised me they were inducing me tomorrow. I said I didn’t want to, as I’ve not had an internal examination, nor stretch and sweep. He performed this and was reluctant to send me home without committing to induction, but I said I’d happily have induction on Monday. He advised I had to come Saturday and Sunday for CTG scans if this was the case, I said no problem.

Monday arrived, when I got to the hospital I was placed into room 2 and introduced to who was looking after me, Jesse, who I was so pleased to see, as she delivered my son last year, and a student midwife Susan.

They broke my waters at 9.30am and my body started contracting by itself, 4 in 10 mins but weren’t strong enough. After an hour I allowed them to start the oxytocin drip. Midday came, my contractions were strong but the CTG that was attached to me kept moving as my baby was heading lower. Jesse inserted a needle to the head of my baby to get a more accurate heart rate as the baby’s heart rate was dropping and not rising. She said I was 4cm dilated. At this point I thought how will I get to 10cm without pain relief as it was already pretty intense. The pressure got very intense so I sat on the toilet, and the memories of my first birth came flooding back, I was sat on this exact toilet feeling this exact pressure/pain right before I got put on bed and told to push.

I waited for 3 contractions to happen and I felt the urge to push. The midwives were supportive of me having my baby wherever I wished but if I wanted to get on the bed now would be a good time, I got help to get off the toilet and I did a 90 degree turn to hold onto my partner’s shoulders and felt my baby’s head crown! I heard Jesse tell me to not push and just breathe as baby had its hand by his head.. so that’s all I did, I breathed my baby out. From 4cm to fully dilated and baby out in just over an hour! And I birthed standing up which is what I wanted to. No tears nor grazes as I trusted my body and listened to Jesse. Susan the student midwife caught the baby and Jesse rubbed baby and finally did a little cry and found out we had another precious boy! xxx
Lachlan Albert Blight
50cm and 3036g

Being induced wasn’t bad at all, just faster and more intense. Thanks for the yoga classes and guidance through my pregnancy!

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I wanted to let you know that while it may have been some time ago (2019), we are so grateful to have met and learned from you. You have had a greater impact on our lives than you might realise.
We had another incredible home birth experience, after Kaito’s accidental but wonderful homebirth, we planned Mei’s homebirth with Meg the Private Midwife from BirthSisters. We used all of the incredible tools we had learned through Hypnobirthing with you, and it was the most empowering, calm and joyful experience I have ever had in my life.
Our midwives were absolutely amazed at the calm and beautiful atmosphere we created. Mei was born in the water so gently and beautifully, It was truly the birth of my dreams. In fact, the midwives even said “you should teach this stuff (Hypnobirthing) one day!” So it got me thinking.
I really attribute this positive experience to the things we learned in the Hypnobirthing Australia Course we completed with you, and I came away feeling so inspired and eager to share this knowledge and power with as many other women as possible. 
I just wish that more women knew more about everything in pregnancy and birth. More about their bodies, how incredibly capable we are, more about choices in pregnancy and birth and tools for relaxation and creating a positive mindset. I really believe that all women deserve to have a joyful birth whatever their circumstances.
I have been on Maternity Leave from nursing since Mei was born, and I really couldn’t see myself returning to that work with such a strong desire to join the positive birthing community. It is something I have been thinking about for a long time, and after having Mei, it became very clear to me that this is the work that I want to do. So I recently completed the Hypnobirthing Practitioners course with Melissa.
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